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Rainbow Fund call summit for LGBT+ and HIV sectors on October 16

Besi Besemar October 5, 2017

Rainbow Fund call the first annual Brighton & Hove LGBT+ and HIV sectors summit at Brighton Metropole Hotel on Monday, October 16.

The Rainbow Fund is the central hub for community fundraising, created to support the LGBT+ and HIV communities in Brighton and Hove.

Each year organisations, businesses, venues and individuals (Brighton & Hove Pride, Brighton Bear Weekend, Bear Patrol, Legends, Charles Street and many more) fundraise or donate money, which the Rainbow Fund distribute to local community groups and organisations in the form of grants to support projects which support LGBT+ and HIV communities in Brighton and Hove.

The Rainbow Fund are initiating this annual opportunity to promote the services which exist within these sectors, (not just those that apply to them for grants) and to brainstorm  ideas around specific challenges and opportunities for our communities.

The morning session will be networking, pure and simple, where delegates representing groups and organisations working in these sectors locally, whether as providers of services or referrers, will give a short presentation, maximum two minutes, about their LGBT+ or HIV specific services or support, or how their work brings them into contact with individuals within these communities who they believe would benefit from the services they provide. Clearly, there will be many delegates who will be providers AND referrers. The rest of the session will be a free for all mingle and get to know each other.

There will be two sessions in the afternoon, the first addressing:
“How to Reach the Hard to Reach”

The second:
“Does¬†Brighton¬†need a ¬†one stop shop¬†LGBT+ centre ?”¬†If it does, how can we create it, fund it, and what could it do?

Chris Gull
Chris Gull

Chris Gull, Chair of the Rainbow Fund, said: “Please share this invitation as widely as possible to potential delegates, and reply to me if you are interested in coming to the whole, or any specific part of the day.

“I’m keen to involve as many of those involved in these sectors as possible, so any suggestions of contacts that refer to you, or who you refer to, would be valuable.

“We can be reached via the contact facility on the website”