Rainbow Fund agrees ‘Accessibility Matters’ funding

Besi Besemar July 11, 2014

The Rainbow Fund’s Independent Grants Panel has agreed a proposal to fund a package of measures to support deaf people wanting to attend Brighton Pride events this year.

Accessibility Matters at Brighton PrideThe bid, submitted by the LGBT Community Safety Forum ‘Accessibility Matters’ group, will make Brighton Pride fully accessible to LGBT people with hearing loss for the first time.

A £3,000 Rainbow Fund grant will help pay for the programme of signed performances and services around the park and parade with British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters forming part of a package of support co-ordinated by the LGBT Community Safety Forum ‘Accessibility Matters’ group.

The BSL interpreters are highly skilled (level 6) and are a vital part of the service the LGBT Community Safety Forum ‘Accessibility Matters’ will deliver on the day to older people, disabled people and deaf people.

Billie Lewis
Billie Lewis

Billie Lewis, Chair of the Brighton & Hove, LGBT Community Safety Forum, said: “We consulted with the deaf community in the city earlier this year and they were adamant that access for deaf people to Pride had been problematic or non-existent in the past.

“We listened and developed a plan to facilitate the delivery of a service that would empower the LGBT deaf community not only to access Pride but to feel connected to the wider community and the groups and services offered within it.

Through the Rainbow Fund, ‘Accessibility Matters’ and deaf community leaders are delighted that it is possible for the deaf members of our community to have proper access to participate in Brighton Pride 2014″.

Paul ElgoodPaul Elgood, Chairman of the Rainbow Fund, said: “The Rainbow Fund’s Independent Grants Panel unanimously supported this proposal to extend access at the Pride event. Pride themselves have a huge task in organising this national event and cannot be expected to do everything themselves. This kind of innovative project can help every single person access Pride and ensure that all are included regardless.

“This is a fantastic project for us to support. 

“The bid, submitted by the LGBT Community Safety Forum ‘Accessibility Matters’ group, will make the event fully accessible to the LGBT deaf community for the first time.

“We are proud that the Rainbow Fund can help use the money donated to it by the community for such an exciting piece of work, which underlines our total commitment to equality for all.”

“All grant funding decisions are decided by the Rainbow Fund’s Independent Grants Panel, which has an open appointment process in terms of new members. The money for this grant was raised during the year by groups, venues and events put on in aid of the Rainbow Fund and we are grateful to all of our supporters who have helped to make grants such as this possible.”