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Rainbow Crossing Unveiled in Wandsworth

Paul Wright June 1, 2020

The London Borough of Wandsworth has unveiled it`s first rainbow crossing in support of the LGBT+ community. Sited at Lavender Hill near the Battersea Arts Centre, the crossing uses the six colours of the Pride Flag. “Here in Wandsworth we are hugely proud to show our support for the LGBTQ+ community,” Wandsworth Council Transport spokesperson councillor Paul Ellis said. “Our borough has a long history of supporting diversity and equality so I`m delighted to announce our first rainbow crossing in Lavender Hill. We want all our residents and communities to know that we are here with them, we support them and we are working hard to make sure out borough is a place where people feel safe, free from discrimination and proud to be themselves.”

The location was chosen because of it`s high profile, being one of the busiest crossing points in the south west London borough.

Wandsworth`s Thrive LGBTQ+ forum chair David Robson said “Over the last 12 months the Pride crossings have been popping up in boroughs across London as a way to celebrate Pride Month but not all are permanent. I`m pleases to see that Wandsworth have shown such a visible celebration of it`s LGBTQ+ community by installing this as a permanent crossing at an iconic location. It`s a brilliant way to celebrate the borough`s LGBTQ+ community and inn the absence of Pride in London 2020 it will mean a lot to people.”

A formal opening ceremony will take place next week.

For those interested in visiting the crossing the nearest tube station is Clapham Junction.