Queer Corner Podcast interview Matthew Todd for LGBT+ History Month

Gscene Editorial Team February 1, 2020

The Queer Corner Podcast (QC), which explores and celebrates queer history, literature, art, film and music, will be welcoming former editor of Attitude, award-winning author and activist Matthew Todd onto the show as part of its LGBT+ History Month special episodes on Wednesday, February 12 and Wednesday, February 26.

The team at QC, comprising Founder & Co-Host Brad Beau Cohen, Co-Host Michael Diss, Community Manager Iain Guy and Producer Joe James, came together to form the podcast in July 2019. Since then the podcast has published over 20 episodes, a new episode every two weeks on Wednesdays, exploring queer history, including the Ancient Greeks and analysing queer books such as James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room. So far, the list of guests includes queer actors, filmmakers, and performers.

Brad Beau Cohen, author and founder of QC, said: “We are so excited to interview Matthew on the show for two very special episodes, for listeners to enjoy during LGBT+ History Month in February; a month that means so much to us as queer people.

“Throughout school and into our adult lives, we as queer people are given the strong impression that we don’t really have a history, ancient or otherwise, which simply isn’t true. Part of the reason we started the podcast was to research for ourselves and share the varying and rich histories of queer people across time and throughout the world.

“Matthew’s work has generated so much discussion throughout our community over the years, and with his latest book ‘Pride’ becoming another staple for queer people, he’s a perfect special guest for these two episodes. We’re looking forward to getting his take on queer education and mental health today, as well as a little look at our queer history.”

To listen to the podcast, visit the website.