Queer Climate Group to Assess the impact of Climate Change on LGBTQ+.

Gscene Editorial Team January 21, 2020

Queer Climate Group to Assess the impact of Climate Change on LGBTQ+.

Queer x Climate (QxC), an international NGO based in Mexico, has been set up to examine queer responsibility in relation to what is often described as the climate change emergency. Their main approach is to ask the quesiton how a society is fair and equal if it is not sustainable. Research further explores the role LGBTQ+ people can have in the solution, but also how such emergencies can disproportionately affect our communities.

“Minorities are the first groups to be¬†marginalized¬†in times of crisis,” says¬†Diego de Le√≥n, the president of this new organization “In just one decade, the scarcity of resources caused by¬†climate change¬†will increase the number of socio-economic and political conflicts, resulting in a severe setback to the human rights gains made in recent years,” he adds.


Research on how climate change affects the LGBTQ+ community is now gathering apace on the relationship between the LGBTQ+ community and climate change. Such as the impact of air pollution on LGBTQ+ populations, which are in the main urban.

Initial research is also exploring our spending power above and beyond an often assumed LGBTQ+ identity of vulnerability. QxC is examining how LGBTQ+ collective communities can be agents of a change across the world and that this change begins with the behaviour of the individual. Us. Not only in the products we consume, but in the way in which we do it.


“According to recent studies, the LGBTQ+ population in North America alone has the purchasing power equivalent to one trillion dollars. We must direct our power as consumers towards low-emission development and be able, in the face of¬†public sector hesitation, to mobilize and take ambitious climate actions that will help achieve the goals such as those laid out in the Pairs Agreement” Le√≥n says.


QxC have been quite critical of some governments, their leaders and the political direction of recent years. Citing the Presidencies in both the US and Brazil, long-term regimes in Russia and China and most recently the Brexit vote and election of Boris Johnson‚Äôs government on December 12th. The organisation describes the political mood as ‚Äúexacerbated conservatism and nationalism‚ÄĚ which they state has had a serious impact on multilateralism and in turn marginalised communities such as those which fall under the LGBTQ+ umbrella.


“Our community, not being able to have full access to its economic and social rights, faces greater problems in accessing medical services during disasters and trans people are victims to a greater extent of psychological, physical and sexual abuse,” concludes de Le√≥n.