Puppy parent volunteers needed urgently in East Sussex

Besi Besemar January 29, 2013


National charity, Canine Partners, urgently needs volunteers to become puppy parents to ensure that they can continue to train assistance dogs in the county.

This vital role allows Canine Partners to team a specially trained assistance dog with a person with disabilities.

The Charity is specifically looking for volunteers who can take a puppy into their home from the age of eight weeks until they are 12-14 months old. They will need to be available to attend regular puppy training classes near Hailsham, East Sussex, and to teach the pup basic obedience and core tasks that will be vital when the dog is ready for Advanced Training.

When local puppy parent Ruth Breading was first introduced to a puppy training class she was hooked. She now parents puppy Gooch and they have worked together on his early training since October 2011.

Ruth said:

“Having a puppy share my life is fantastic, but I have also gained a new set of friends and without realising it, I have joined the fabulous Canine Partners family.

“Gooch and I really enjoy the weekly puppy training classes. Being a puppy parent has given me a personal challenge and led to a wonderful sense of achievement as Gooch has developed.”

All puppy parents will have the full support of Ruth Narracott, Canine Partners’ puppy satellite trainer. And all expenses relating to the pup’s training will be met by the Charity.

Ruth added:

“Our puppies are carefully selected and begin their training as soon as they are placed with their puppy parent. The puppies need a welcoming and understanding home to live in while they learn the skills that they need to become an assistance dog.

“You will be guided on how to socialise your puppy to the many different environments in which an assistance dog will have to cope. If you are at home most of the day, have commitment and a sense of humour, and would like to play a part in training a puppy to help a person with a disability, then why not become a puppy parent.”

For further information about becoming a puppy parent contact Ruth Narracott on 07764 823 501

Or email: