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Proud2Be me project relaunched

Kat Pope May 8, 2013

Matt & Jon Price
Matt & Jon Price

Twin brothers Matt and Jon Price have decided to relaunch their amazingly successful Proud2Be Project this week, two years after its inception.

They’ve enlisted some famous friends too, including Stephen Fry, Peter Tatchell and Sir Ian McKellen.

It was in 2011 that the twins sat down in front of their web cams and told the world they were “proud to be gay”.

Since then many members of the public and high profile figures have shown the pair their support by recording videos of their own, telling the world how proud they are to be themselves.
The twins said:

“We started the campaign two years ago when we felt that LGBT people needed more positive and affirmative messages about who they are.”

“Although laws are changing, LGBT people of all ages still face oppression, misrepresentation and discrimination. Until that is no longer the case, the Proud2Be campaign will keep on running.”

The video campaign is just one part of the Proud2Be Project which also runs social groups, residentials, and soon to host yearly rural pride events. An LGBT community hub in rural parts of the country is also being planned.

The Proud2Be Project invites everyone to contribute to the campaign, be they LGBT or their friends, family members, co-workers or educators, and as well as being able to record a video message, people can now have a Proud2Be photo taken.

For more details on how to get involved, CLICK HERE: