Merseyside borough of Knowsley to hold its first Pride event on the anniversary of the murder of Michael Causer

Graham Robson June 10, 2024

The Merseyside borough of Knowsley is set to hold its first Pride event on the anniversary of the murder of Michael Causer – an 18-year-old who was attacked at a house party in what was widely considered a ‘hate crime’.

The Knowsley Pride event, called Rainbow in the Park, will take place on 2 August in Court Hey Park, Huyton.

Michael’s family believe his death in 2008 was a hate crime but a judge dismissed homophobia as a motive when jailing his killer.

John Lowe, chair of the Knowsley Pride Steering Group and trustee of the Michael Causer Foundation, said the event would be “a day of celebration and awareness”.

He said: “Being able to honour Michael’s legacy and that of all victims of hate crime through education and events such as Knowsley Pride is a responsibility that we take very seriously.

“Knowsley Pride will be a safe space and celebration for all to enjoy; there will be something for everyone to take away from the day, whether that be more understanding, a feeling of community or simply memories from a day well spent with family and friends.”

Members of the LGBTQ+ arts and creative community are being invited to apply for community grants to support commissions for the event.

Racheal Jones, One Knowsley CEO, said the non-profit organisation “is committed to promoting inclusivity and equality across the borough in a collective mission against hate”.

“Knowsley Pride will be a family-friendly event, a celebration of acceptance for all, regardless of age, sexuality or ethnicity, and will be an important step in bringing the Knowsley community together.”