Local queer artist Ladypat designs ‘FABULOSO’ artwork for Brighton & Hove Pride 2024

Graham Robson March 12, 2024

Local queer artist Ladypat has designed FABULOSO artwork for this year’s Brighton & Hove Pride to celebrate queer identities and the rich diversity and flamboyance of the LGBTQ+ community.

Beginning in 2001, Ladypat (a name challenging notions of gender, class and punctuation) has always utilised technological advances as mediums to develop their twisted DIY pop-art tropes.

Their ‘queerodivergent’ arts career has included 100+ homespun music videos, a staggering 4.3 billion GIF views, a pan-European gigography as a top festival/club VJ and now as a plus-size fuzzy-felt textile artist at a gallery near you.

Ladypat’s artworks form the basis for community workshops and in 2022 Ladypat and Boogaloo Stu presented the Arts Council funded Queer Hearts Awards – a year-long cultural exchange between Isle of Wight and Brighton. Following a surprise fuzzy-felt artwork commission for Fatboy Slim – which can presently be seen at his Big Beach Cafe – Ladypat ended 2023 with an unapologetically queer window installation at Eastbourne’s Volt Gallery (on public display until 2025).

Commenting on the FABULOSO artwork, they said: “You can attach your own meaning and backstory to the characters as they are completely fictional. They were all assigned FAB at birth! I would say they share a vibrant and fierce sensibility. There may not be so many smiles but they carry a certain confidence and dignity! There’s an air of mystery about them and they totally have a colourful past, present and future – watch this space!”

Find out more at : www.ladypat.comInstagramGIPHYYouTube

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