Iconic Swedish artist Petra Marklund releases this year’s Stockholm Pride song – Ocean of Love

Graham Robson July 30, 2023

Iconic Swedish artist Petra Marklund has released this year’s Stockholm Pride song, Ocean of Love, which is her first English-language song in a decade and is the first time she presents her new material both as herself and under her artist alias September.

This year marks 20 years since the artist September explosively entered the international music scene with hit songs like La la la (never give it up) and Cry for You. She captivated audiences worldwide with her energetic dance music and powerful vocals. Over the past decade, Petra Marklund has been writing and releasing music under her own name – exploring her artistry and becoming an integral part of the Swedish collective soul.

Ocean of Love is my disco tribute to Pride, and it’s about the sea of love that exists out there, and daring to let oneself fall freely despite all the twisted circumstances. There’s so much joy. It’s meant for all of us. Let’s dive in now!,” says Petra Marklund.

“We are thrilled to collaborate on this year’s Pride song with one of Sweden’s biggest artists, Petra Marklund. It’s especially fitting that we do this in the year when Stockholm Pride turns 25 and Petra celebrates 20 years as an artist. Ocean of Love is a song that we feel suits this year’s theme of celebrating the diversity within our community,” says Fredrik Saweståhl, Chairman of Stockholm Pride.

Petra Marklund will perform Ocean of Love along with several other songs at Stockholm Pride on Saturday, August 5.

Photographer: Fotograf