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Pride with a purpose!

Besi Besemar July 17, 2014

New awards planned for business community.

Brighton Pride 2014

Brighton Pride and the Rainbow Fund are creating new Community Business Awards, to acknowledge the support given to the LGBT community by local businesses.

For the third year running, Pride’s partnership with the Rainbow Fund is creating a huge benefit for the local LGBT/HIV voluntary sector.

Pride is once again donating £1 for every ticket sold for the Preston Park event to the Rainbow Fund and a similar arrangement is now in place for the Street Party – creating a new community outcome for that event.

In addition, Pride will pass on the proceeds of much of its own venue and arts fundraising, adding thousands of pounds more to give out to local LGBT/HIV community groups and charities.

The Rainbow Fund gives out grant funding to local LGBT/HIV voluntary sector which last year benefitted local organisations by over £43,000.

The Rainbow Fund has an Independent Grants Panel, whose members are appointed through an open application process, and who have the final say over who gets a grant based on which volunteer-led groups need it most.

Community groups who provide frontline services to the local LGBT/HIV community have until Friday, August 8 to apply for a £5,000 grant via the Rainbow Fund’s website.

This year, the Rainbow Fund has additionally supported Pride by acting as the facilitator for the event’s free tickets scheme for those on benefits or a low income and otherwise unable to volunteer to help the event. The scheme successfully ran until the beginning of June, where individuals could apply for free entry tickets, based on need.

The outcomes of this summer’s Rainbow Fund main grants round will be announced at a special Awards evening on September 1, 2014.

As well as the community groups receiving their grant funding, new LGBT Community Business Awards will be launched, where local businesses will be formally recognised and thanked for their role in supporting Brighton Pride’s fundraising efforts.

Categories for the the awards will include those for both larger and smaller business supporters and a special recognition award for outstanding contribution.

Paul Elgood
Paul Elgood

Paul Elgood, Chairman of the Rainbow Fund said: “With Pride just weeks away now, things are starting to get exciting. The partnership working between Pride and the Rainbow Fund is producing huge dividends for the local LGBT voluntary sector, and thanks to Pride we are already open for grant applications.

“This year we will be linking-up with Pride for  joint LGBT Community Business Awards to thank the local businesses who do the most for the community. It is time that recognition was made for the businesses who have consistently supported the local LGBT/HIV voluntary sector over the years and this initiative will do that.

“It is the sole role of the Rainbow Fund to collect and give out donated money in a safe and accountable manner. There are no salaries or office costs associated with our work.”

“Pride are the largest single contributor to the Rainbow Fund, but we are supported by other venues and events such as the Brighton Bear Weekender.

“After Pride make their donation they then stand back and allow the Independent Grants Panel to make their decisions based on the merits of the applications received, creating an accountable and open process for allocating the money raised. Based on their actions, Pride really do have the best interests of the LGBT community at the heart of the event, thank you.”

Paul Kemp
Paul Kemp

Pride Director, Paul Kemp, added: “With only two people working full time on Pride we rely on the help of volunteers and the support of local businesses in helping Pride raise the essential funds our local voluntary LGBT/HIV groups need.

“Last year Pride raised over £43,000 from our fund-raising activities and with everyones help this year we hope to top that target.

“It’s important that the support from local businesses towards our fundraising effort is recognised by the wider community.

“Within days of this years event, Pride CIC will be publishing all the fundraising totals from Pride fundraisers, including the ring fenced £1 from tickets sold for Preston Park, Village Party wristbands and Pride tickets sold in venues.

“Our new awards for businesses helping Pride will be a great way of recognising the support given by the business community to our LGBT/HIV community groups”