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Pride statement: This is why we do it – Freedom to live

Besi Besemar August 3, 2014

Following the delivery of an amazing community parade and the best park event ever, Brighton and Hove Pride have committed the organisation to stand beside the LGBT community as the global campaign for Freedom To Live for every LGBT person in the world continues.

Brighton Pride Freedom to live

After decades of campaigning by the LGBT community here in the UK, we finally have legal equality but across the globe there are still 82 countries where homosexuality is criminalised.

For them there’s no equal marriage, no equal rights, no freedom for equal love, just beatings, rejection, state sanctioned persecution, prison sentences and, in some countries, the death sentence.

Paul Kemp and Dulcie Weaver said: “This is a state of affairs we cannot stand by and watch. We must act as a global community and stand in solidarity with those living in the 82 countries where homosexuality is a crime and say NO MORE.

“Now is not the time for hatred, now is the time for love and the freedom to live as one chooses, regardless of sexuality or gender.

“Brighton and Hove Pride is a Pride with purpose, campaigning for the freedom of everyone to live. Stand beside us as we stand beside those LGBT communities across the globe and help make equality a reality. Not some day, but today.”

Following seven hours of world class entertainment on the Brighton Pride main stage and a stunning finale including cast members from Pricilla Queen of the Desert and Thriller, Dolly Rocket and Sam Bailey the organisers of Brighton Pride Paul Kemp and Dulcie Weaver took the stage to explain why they¬†organise the city’s biggest annual celebration.

The Freedom to Live video explains why Paul and Dulcie DO IT. CLICK HERE:

What did you do to help Pride this year?