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Pride in our community

Besi Besemar June 15, 2014

Brighton Pride is our Pride, a Pride with purpose, an event run first and foremost for the benefit of the city’s diverse LGBT communies.

Pride and community

Pride is more than a celebration, more than a day out, more than a party!

Pride is a unique opportunity to raise much needed funds for LGBT/HIV organisations across Brighton and Hove which enables them, through the Rainbow Fund Grants Programme, to support the LGBT/HIV community in Brighton & Hove.

Paul Elgood
Paul Elgood

Paul Elgood Chairman of the Rainbow Fund said of Pride’s fundraising role: “Pride has made a significant contribution to the local LGBT community sector, and have created a sustainable and secure source of funding for the smaller volunteer-led community groups who can rely on this funding to operate. Pride asked the Rainbow Fund to provide a fair and needs-led basis for distributing the funding to those local groups who need it most”.

“After donating the money, they stepped back and allowed our independent grants panel, who have expertise across the LGBT sector, to assess the grants in a fair and open way. This approach shows how far Pride has the interests of the LGBT voluntary sector at the heart of their activities. The event is now the number one opportunity for our community to generate funding for the LGBT voluntary sector locally and to send a clear and united message for equality internationally”.

Every ticket purchased, be it for Preston Park, every fundraising event attended or each donation made enables Pride to support our community.

At a time when voluntary and charitable organisations are fighting for funding and when many of the local services we so often take for granted are being cut, it is more important than ever to stand with Pride and support those who support us.

If you wished to volunteer to help your community (and get a free ticket to the Pride festival) CLICK HERE: