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Pride Glasgow 2019 goes ahead from August 15-18

Gary Hart July 11, 2019

Despite recent setbacks and problems, Pride Glasgow 2019 has taken a step forward and announced it will take place this year from Thursday, August 15 to Sunday, August 18.

ONE hundred organisations have signed up to participate in the march and seventeen confirmed events have been announced, some are free to attend, locations based from east end to west end of Glasgow.

The march will start at Clyde Place and will end on the Broomielaw, where there will be information stalls.

Chris Lang, Pride Glasgow chair, said: “We’ve worked hard, as we always said we would, to mark the milestone year for the Pride movement across the world.

“Our low-risk approach to our event programme, and collaborative approach with the many city supporters we have, has allowed us to design a great programme of events for the LGBT community across Glasgow.

“We were obviously devastated when our deal with the Council fell through, but we were in a chicken an egg situation of not having funds to pay the deposit, sponsors on standby for when the event was confirmed and despite best efforts, we couldn’t make that particular event happen.

“We have apologised to our community on several occasions, and as we said, our actions would speak louder than our words…

“I’d also like to send best wishes to the other two Pride events in Glasgow which take place soon. It’s great to have diversity across the three events but it would also be great if we could all work more closely together in the future.

“Thanks to our sponsors for sticking by us and thanks to the community for its amazing support and encouragement.”

Registration via the website is essential for anyone who would like to take part in the march, especially groups.

To register, click here: