Pride festivals in UK and globally bounce back after pandemic – 50 years after first London Pride march

Graham Robson June 1, 2022

PinkUk, a leading UK-based global listings site that tracks LGBTQ+ Pride festivals around the world, has announced a recovery in the number of Pride festivals scheduled since the pandemic forced many cancellations over the last two years.

At the time of writing, PinkUk lists 194 Prides and LGBTQ+ events in the UK for 2022. PinkUk has a total of 636 LGBTQ+ Prides and gay events in 44 countries for 2022, and breaks through the 600 festival total for the first time ever.

Dave Walsh, founder of PinkUk, said, “Despite the difficult times for LGBTQ+ festivals in the UK and worldwide, we are seeing a renaissance and new energy among the international Pride movement with more than 600 Prides registered on our site.

“This bounce back is also timed well to celebrate the achievements of the past, with the 50th anniversary of the first UK Pride festival in London, on 1 July 1972. The good news is the steep  growth in upcoming festivals since 2020 shows how the LGBTQ+ scene is recovering after the lockdowns and other problems associated with the pandemic over the last two years.

“Our small team at PinkUk collates new festivals and other LGBTQ+ events daily; we hope our work provides information to guide businesses and users in the UK and worldwide on what you would like to do and with the best info at your fingertips.

“We believe we have the most comprehensive list of prides in 2022 of any LGBTQ+ focused listings site worldwide.”

Scene is delighted to recommend our partner PrideUk as the most comprehensive source of information about not only Prides worldwide, but also LGBTQ+ venues, accommodation and services globally. 

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