PREVIEW: Uniting Nations – The Exhibition

Gary Hart July 20, 2016

A unique campaigning celebration of the global Pride movement.

Åland Pride: Photo Kim Söderbäck
Åland Pride: Photo Kim Söderbäck

Through a collection of photographs and testimonies Uniting Nations will reflect upon the state of Pride today, the celebrations, events and demonstrations that unite us all as we follow in the footsteps of those brave few marching for equality in New York in the summer of 1970 as they commemorated the 1969 Stonewall riots.

Connecting us with Pride events across the globe, Uniting Nations: The Exhibition, curated by Kate Wildblood and Josephine Bourne and designed by Chris Jepson, will be an explosion of colour and diversity as we salute the courage of the activists, organisers and participants of Pride events around the world.

Montego Bay Pride: Photo Maurice Tomlinson
Montego Bay Pride: Photo Maurice Tomlinson

Every year someone somewhere is taking their first steps with Pride. Be it as one of four million people celebrating at Sao Paulo Gay Pride Parade in Brazil, as one of a few hundred defying the hatred at Uganda Pride in Kampala or as one of a dozen brave activists defying the authorities by attending a Pride event banned by legislators in Istanbul, every step counts, because every step makes a difference. To the personal and the public as Pride organisers, participants and LGBT+ activists confront stigma, fight back against hate crime and deliver hope. Hope that we as a global LGBT+ community can achieve full equality, under the law, within families, at work, through our health services and in education.

Bringing together images from across the globe including the stunning spectacle of Hong Kong Pride, the celebrations in Helsinki, the vitality of Arraial Lisboa Pride, the carnival of Union Diversidad in Panama, Sri Lanka’s activists tackling archaic laws at Colombo Pride, the dreams and hopes of Åland Pride, the activists at Zagreb Pride declaring Croatia is a country for all, the spectrum of defiant Pride colours from Guyana, the brave few at Montego Bay Pride in Jamaica or the death-defying voices of Iraqueer, Uniting Nations will highlight the successes and struggles of the global LGBT+ Pride movement.

A vital part of Brighton Pride’s 2016 campaigning theme, Uniting Nations: The Exhibition will enable everyone to witness those proud voices as we celebrate the bravery and diversity of the many Pride communities across the world. And thanks to Pride’s Uniting Nations post box visitors will be able to connect with the global Pride family and send messages of solidarity with postcards of Pride.

Brighton Pride 2015: Photo Chris Jepson
Brighton Pride 2015: Photo Chris Jepson

Event: Uniting Nations: The Exhibition

Where: Jubilee Library, Jubilee Square, Brighton BN1 1GE

When: July 22 – August 6, 2016

Time: Monday-Tuesday & Thursday 10am-7pm; Wednesday & Friday-Saturday 1am-5pm; Sunday 11am-5pm.

Cost: Free entry