PREVIEW: Transworkers: a photo exhibition by Stella Michaels

Besi Besemar July 8, 2017

Stella Michaels presents her positive photographic images of trans people at the Marlborough Hotel, Princes Street, Brighton starting July 19.

Stella says: “If you are trans, life will not have been easy. Your relationships with parents, friends and neighbours may have been fraught. The media will have lampooned you, and you may have had to live some or of your life in stealth in order to live at all.

“Or, your secret may have been discovered after a lifetime, and the repercussions may have cost you your partner, or your children, or your health, or your job, or your home. Or all of them.

“You will know all about low self-esteem, feelings of isolation. Feelings of not being the same as others. You may have suffered loneliness, hate crime or violence. You may have self harmed or considered suicide.”

You may even have been successful in the latter: as many as 40% of trans people are.

A key indicator is employment – or the lack of it.

Unemployment and its fellow travellers, poverty and ill-health, are common in the trans community. These are often due to the individual’s low self-esteem.

Yet the determination of some trans people has found a way through.

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s here. Being trans is ordinary and to reflect that Stella has produced a wonderful series of photographs of trans people at work.

Event: TRANSWORKERS – An exhibition by Stella MichaelsPositive images of trans people by trans people

Where: Marlborough Hotel, Princes Street, Brighton

When: July 19-31

Time: During pub opening hours