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PREVIEW: Brighton Science Festival

Gary Hart August 19, 2016

After eleven years bringing the world’s best science to Brighton every February, Brighton Science Festival spread their wings to other parts of the calendar.


The new September programme kicks off with a triple bill of scintillating science, guaranteed to enthuse and enthral curious people of all ages.

Brighton Science Festival has been facilitating science in the Sussex area and putting on events since 2005. It aims to build a spirit of discovery in people of all ages, to promote science and curiosity, to bring the best of the world’s science to Brighton (and the best of Brighton’s science to the world).

Big Science Saturday – September 17
A day of talks and discussions from an incredible array of scientists and experts – covering the entirety of human knowledge (well, almost) in just six hours.

From the complete history of the universe (delivered at a billion years per minute) to how stupidity helps businesses get things done (in the short-term, at least), via such thorny topics as why renewable power is inevitable, what the ‘obesity crisis’ actually is, and why legs are a greatly underrated invention, expect a non-stop cavalcade of scintillating science guaranteed to get you thinking, questioning, learning and laughing.

Event: Big Science Saturday

Where: Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton,

When: Saturday, September 17

Time: 10.30am – 5.30pm

Cost: Tickets: £7 / £5

To book tickets online, click here:  

Ugly Animals – September 17
A two-headed beast of a show with illustrated talks from Simon Watt and Richard Robinson.

Would the WWF get as many donations if its logo was a blobfish rather than a panda? Why should the most attractive animals get all the praise? Simon Watt fights the cause of some of the planet’s less photogenic species.

Is your boss a hammerhead shark? Or more like an assassin bug? Richard Robinson opens the Book of Beasts and looks at the parallels between the world of work and the wonders of nature. You will recognise many of these creatures – and you are at least one of them yourself.

Event: Ugly Animals – September 17

Where: Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton

When: Saturday, September 17

Time: 7pm – 9.30pm

Cost: £6 / £3

To book tickets online, click here:

Take Nobody’s Word for It – September 18
Discover the art of arguing without being cross and disagreeing without being disagreeable. Debating can be both boring and aggressive – we’re going to make it fun. Join in with a series of talks and games designed to polish your debating skills.

All this is accompanied by some very special guests, including Rob Eastaway’s Maths on the Go – games to make even the longest car journey bearable, Jillian Scudder taking on all comers in the physics quiz show Astroquizzical, and Dominic Johnson telling us how God is Watching You – whether you like it or not. To round things off, Sense About Science cover how to ask for evidence, and make sure something’s true before jumping to conclusions – politicians take note!

Event: Take Nobody’s Word for It

Where: Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton

When: Sunday, September 18

Time: 10.30am – 5.30pm

Cost: Entry by donation

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