Vote on the facts – Lib Dems call monthly Brexit demos in centre of Brighton

Brighton and Hove Liberal Democrats will hold a demonstration on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 from 6 – 7 pm in New Road, Brighton and on the fourth Tuesday of every month thereafter.

They will be calling for an EU referendum in December 2018 on the final Brexit deal and urge people to vote on the facts.

“I grew up in Northern Ireland,” said Carrie Hynds, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Hove in June 2017, “and saw first-hand the excellent peace and reconciliation work undertaken by the EU.  With peace comes stability, prosperity and the ability to plan for the future.”

“Identity has layers.  I’m Northern Irish, British and European, and will always identify with those three things.  I don’t see them as being in opposition to each other.”

“Brighton & Hove voted overwhelmingly to ‘Remain’, as did 48% of those who cast their ballot in the 2016 referendum.  Yet the government has set a course for extreme Brexit, seeking to leave not just the EU but also the single market, customs union and vital programmes such as Euratom.  We now know that leaving the EU will not create more money for the NHS and there are no bespoke trade deals lined up ready for the UK to sign on day one.  The government is pursuing its own Brexit deal, and it is only right in a democracy to go back and check with the British people that this is the outcome they wanted.”

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