Lloyd Russell-Moyle to step down as Labour MP of Kemptown after “vexatious and politically motivated complaint” sees him receive “administrative suspension letter” from the party

Graham Robson May 29, 2024

Lloyd Russell-Moyle is to step down as Labour MP of Brighton Kemptown after a “vexatious and politically motivated complaint” sees him receive an “administrative suspension letter” from the party.

The MP, who revealed he is HIV positive during a House of Commons debate on public health in 2018, said on Facebook: “I’ve been working day and night since the election was called for success not only in Brighton Kemptown & Peacehaven but across Sussex. Yesterday, out of the blue, I received an “administrative suspension letter.”

“Someone (who remains anonymous to me) has made what I believe to be a vexatious and politically motivated complaint about my behaviour eight years ago. This is a false allegation that I dispute totally and I believe it was designed to disrupt this election.

“There isn’t enough time to defend myself as these processes within the party take too long, so the party have told me that I will not be eligible to be a candidate at the next election.

“I’m gutted. I’ve spent the last decade of my life building one of the best campaigning CLPs in the country. I’ve been so inspired by everyone pulling together in the last week and excited for the campaign to come. We have an amazing local party, and I am sorry for all of you most of all.

“I aim to cooperate with the investigations process to clear my name, but will now take this opportunity to contribute to public life in different ways under what I hope is a Labour government.

“I wish Keir Starmer, Angela Rayner, and the Labour team the best of luck and hope to be celebrating Labour wins across Sussex and beyond on election night.”