“I’ve just got to keep pushing.” Brighton Pavilion Labour candidate Eddie Izzard fears being trans may affect her chances of ever becoming an MP

Graham Robson May 28, 2024

Eddie Izzard, who failed in her bid to become the Brighton Pavilion Labour candidate at the next general election, has said she fears being trans may affect her chances of ever becoming an MP.

Izzard, who first came out as trans in 1985, said she may be considered too “different” for voters with strong political beliefs to align themselves with.

Speaking to The Times, Izzard said: “If you’re transphobic, getting a trans MP is not what you want. Then if you get one, you’re probably going to get two.”

The comedian claimed the “average person” would support her ambitions to become an MP but “politicos” want candidates to “replicate them” exactly or they’ll vote for somebody else.

“I have all this energy,” she said. “I can analyse systems, which is needed in politics, and I can communicate. I think a lot of people would vote for that.

“But when you get to the selection process it’s, ‘Yes, like the energy, but do you think exactly like I do?’ And if you’re even slightly different, well…

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll carry on. I’ll get to be an MP. I’ve just got to keep pushing.”

The comedian prefers to go by the name Suzy and to use the pronouns she/her, but doesn’t mind “he/him” and has said she will be “remaining Eddie Izzard in public”.

“I prefer she/her but I don’t mind he/him. So no one can really get it wrong unless they call me Kenneth or Sabrina,” she said.

On launching her MP bid for Brighton, the comic said she was standing to “support this brilliant city and its diverse and vibrant community”.