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Polish couple have dream wedding in Madeira

Besi Besemar June 15, 2017

Polish couple finally get married at Ocean Cliff, Madeira on June 9.

Polish gay couple Jakub Kwiecinski and Dawid Mycek hit the headlines last year when a home-made video of them lipsynching the Roxette song Some other Summer went viral after the group included it on the their fan website.

They went on to make a similar video lipsynching to Niebiesko-zielone, a track from the Polish Gay Iconic singer Beata Kozidrak; but then the threats began. The pair suffered personal threats from right-wing groups in Poland who called for Beata’s concerts to be boycotted and all because of the video.

Not deterred by the threats, the couple decided they were going to get married. As this was not possible in Poland they chose the Portuguese island of Madeira to tie the knot.

The local register office on the island initially rejected their request but after hearing about the homophobia the couple had suffered in Poland changed their decision.

David said: “If we couldn’t get married in our country, we wanted to choose a place that is close to our hearts. 

“There are countries where it is easier to get marriage permission, but we chose Madeira because we fell in love with the Island a few years ago, and since then we visit it every year.”

“It’s sad that we could not get married in Poland but we know the law will not be changed anytime soon in our country, so decided to marry abroad.

“I wish our grandmothers and grandfathers were here with us but the journey would have been too exhausting for them. If we had been allowed to have this ceremony in Poland they would have been allowed to share these moments with us, we really missed them.”.

Their most recent video is A Tribute to George Michael recorded with the Polish LGBT+ Society, draws attention to the fact that same-sex unions and marriages are still illegal in Poland.