Paris no-go for Brighton City Airways

Kat Pope May 4, 2013

Brighton City Airways

Brighton City Airways, who fly out of Shoreham Airport, have had to suspend their recently launched Paris service due to French customs and immigration delays.

They will be operating return flights up to the May 6 to get people back from their Bank Holiday breaks, but from May 7 all flights will be suspended.

Full refunds will be offered to people who have already booked.

The company has a full compliment of Paris bookings but have been having to reroute their flights to land at Rouen or Le Touquet before heading off to Paris Pontoise.

This has caused a major delay to passengers as well as a drop in profits for the company.

“We are truly sad to suspend the flights,” said Jonathan Candelon, “not least because our ticket sales are over target and the demand for this airline is proven to be there, but we are forced to postpone flights until the issue is solved at Paris Pontoise.”

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