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Parents of trans son win discrimination lawsuit against employer

Rachel Badham May 31, 2021

Vicky and Keith Brett won $70,000 in compensation after an employment tribunal ruled that the pair were the victims of discrimination due to their employer making offensive comments about the couple’s transgender son. According to Metro, the couple was told by their boss Kate Forman, company director for Khi-Ro Limited in Cambridgeshire, that their son was “evil and going to hell”, resulting in the pair suing the organisation in 2018. 

In the final panel ruling, employment judge Michael Ord stated: “Both claimants were the victims of direct discrimination on the protected characteristic of gender reassignment when they were told by Kate Forman that their transgender son was evil and going to hell that they were going to hell for supporting him.”

He added: At the same time, they were harassed by Mr Forman [Kate’s husband] through his conduct when he was silent and did not seek to intervene when Mrs Forman.” The tribunal also found that Khi-Ro breached company contracts after Keith had pay unlawfully deducted. The judge ordered £35,000 to be paid to each of the claimants within 28 days.