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North Carolina protestors gather against anti-trans bills

Rachel Badham May 4, 2021

Hundreds gathered in North Carolina to protest against the wave of bills sweeping the US which target young trans people. According to ABC News, demonstrators and LGBTQ+ advocacy groups took to the streets of Asheville while chanting ‘trans lives matter.’ Julia Holladay, a representative of Youth OUTright WNC who attended the protest, said: “It’s time to be more active than ever, and as a parent of a trans child, I’m scared for them.”

In North Carolina alone, two anti-trans bills are currently being debated, which aim to limit young trans people’s access to gender-affirming healthcare and school sports. Holladay said: “Under Amendment 14, everyone is supposed to have the same legal rights under the law, we’re still fighting for that,” and argued the proposed “legislation would take away just the basic human right to be human.”

North Carolina is one of an estimated 30 states which is currently considering bills targeting trans youth. Florida governor Ron DeSantis is set to sign a previously unsuccessful bill that will require school athletes to compete in accordance with their sex assigned at birth, making it the latest state to introduce such regulations. Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee have already passed similar laws this year.