NHS Confederation to draw up trans guide for hospitals

Graham Robson August 25, 2022

NHS leaders are drawing up a trans guide for hospitals that will include how to fight anti-trans groups and use inclusive language.

NHS Confederation, a charity representing health service bodies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, is advertising a £20,000 contract to create a practical guide to being a trans and non-binary ally.

The charity, which is an influential lobby group for the NHS which hospitals pay to be a member of, is run by Matthew Taylor, a former political adviser to Tony Blair.

NHS Confederation’s Trans Allyship project seeks to review several aspects such as trans people’s rights in law and discrimination they face.

It will also include recommendations on the use of inclusive terminology in the health service.

NHS Confederation say: “This tender is a response to requests from our members to support them to be better allies to trans and non-binary staff working in the NHS.

“They are looking for advice and guidance that falls within the confines of regulation, and this is one of a range of activities the NHS Confederation is undertaking to address the challenges faced by those with protected characteristics.”

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