New report unpacks key approaches to boosting diversity, equity, and inclusion across the tourism industry

Graham Robson April 6, 2022

A new report from the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association Foundation (IGLTA) aims to unpack some of the key approaches to boosting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across the tourism industry – and why it matters.

The report, DEI Strategies for a Stronger Global Tourism Industry is now available as a free resource. It uncovers some of reasons for socially responsible growth across the travel market, and practical ways DEI can help build both successful businesses and stronger communities.

“As global tourism returns, now is a perfect opportunity for travel and tourism companies of all sizes to expand their DEI efforts,” said IGLTA President/CEO John Tanzella. “Prioritising DEI is the right way for businesses to foster respect among employees, partners and clients. IGLTA is proud to help its members and partners learn about and invest in this vital approach to socially responsible growth.”

Behind the report was a group of thought leaders who gathered as part of an IGLTA Foundation Think Tank at the 2021 IGLTA Annual Convention in Atlanta. More than 30 participants joined the discussion, including members of destination-marketing companies, local and regional governments, tourism- and workplace-advocacy groups, and Fortune-500 corporations.

The report explores the DEI journey as an effective approach to attracting top talent, boosting productivity and stoking innovation. Among its key takeaways are recommendations that leadership coaching, supplier diversity, intentional skill-building, and management accountability all contribute to the long-term benefits of DEI.

Due to its global breadth, the tourism industry in particular can help promote greater understanding of local cultures and social issues, involve local communities in tourism decisions, support authentic travel experiences, and positively support diversity in a destination. According to IGLTA, all are considerations worth examining for any travel company seeking to drive responsible tourism through its own cultural competence.

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