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New housing association seeks Council recognition

Gary Hart December 4, 2016

ETHRAG is the UK’s first residents association exclusively for those living in emergency and temporary accommodation.

Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris

Emergency and Temporary Housing Residents Action Group (ETHRAG), has begun the process of being formally recognised by Brighton and Hove City Council as a recognised residents association in the city.

ETHRAG which was founded by local housing campaigner Daniel Harris alongside other residents and community champions have received formal confirmation from Brighton and Hove City Council that the City, Neighbourhoods and Communities Group will begin the process of integrating ETHRAG into the current model.

ETHRAG founder Daniel Harris, said: “This is fantastic news and a welcome step forward, having recently lived in Emergency Accommodation I understand the challenges residents face on a daily basis. The hard work from councillors like Clare Moonan and David Gibson have allowed the hidden homeless to once again have a voice.

The city indeed has a housing crisis, we also have a crisis around Emergency and Temporary Accommodation with many private landlords charging £800 for a room, with a sink, microwave and small shower. This is paid from public money and standards have dropped, ETHRAG will help to revolutionise the way we treat the vulnerable and offer a beacon of help for those who live in the dark in the city”

ETHRAG’s aims include: better standards, better treatment from landlords and Council staff, and an end to Revenge Evictions.

The Residents Association’s main objective is to be able to provide a safe space for residents to get involved, to end the isolation people in emergency accommodation suffer and help people fulfil their full potential in life.