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New funding announced to tackle LGBTQ+ loneliness

Graham Robson February 4, 2021

The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), which funds internationally outstanding independent researchers across the whole range of the arts and humanities, has announced ten equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) Engagement Fellowships which will support researchers whose work focuses on EDI issues. The fellows will be supported by a total investment of over £850,000 which will be used to engage diverse audiences with their research.

Prof Christopher Smith, AHRC Executive Chair, said: “Learning about our heritage and culture and participating in the arts can deepen our perception of our history and of ourselves.

“These fellowships will enable researchers to connect their scholarship with diverse communities across the UK and bring about positive change.

“Arts and humanities research has tremendous potential to help people to embrace different viewpoints and to build a fairer, more inclusive society.” 

Dr Charlotte Jones

One of the fellows, Dr Charlotte Jones’ project The Beat of Our Hearts: Staging New Histories of LGBTQIA Loneliness will aim to engage audiences with the history of loneliness and solidarity in LGBTQ+ communities, reconnecting them with queer lives of the past. The fellowship will transform existing research by Dr Jones and Dr Fred Cooper into a programme of creative workshops in Devon and Cornwall in partnership with the Intercom Trust and culminate in the development and staging of an original performance at Exeter’s Northcott Theatre, written by playwright Natalie McGrath.

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