New exhibition to explore identities, gender & sexuality at ArtLacuna Ltd

Graham Robson September 3, 2020

Passing, a video painting installation by Roy Efrat and Catrin Webster, where choreography and narrative combine through projection and oil painting, will be exhibited at ArtLacuna Ltd, London from Friday, September 4 to Sunday, October 4.

Roy & Catrin say: ‘Ideas are glimpsed as they pass, like clouds in a fragmented sky, caught in open spaces between rising buildings – the Home Office, Immigration Offices, London, Sheffield, Croydon. A dialogue develops between movement and stasis; of wanderers through the city, performing our identities, our gender, our sexuality and our fleeting lives.’

Passing by Roy Efrat and Catrin Webster – by appointment only, email

Where: ArtLacuna Ltd., 48 Falcon Road, London, SW11 2LR

When: Friday, September 4 to Sunday, October 4

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Due to Covid-19, four visitors allowed in at any one time, observing social distancing; face coverings must be worn, barring exemptions.