New dating and social media site for positive people

Besi Besemar February 20, 2015

ARGO, a new dating and social media platform for the HIV community offers online chat and instant match making, along with other features such as video and photo sharing.


ARGO aims to be a one stop shop, a safe place for men, women and trans+ people living with HIV to make new friends and find dates.

ARGO was born out of frustration by it’s founders Leaf Scott and Deano Cline who found many sites for HIV seemed to be geared towards casual meet ups, or were very expensive to join. Realising they couldn’t be the only people wanting a real date that didn’t break the bank account, ARGO was born.

Following a years worth of research into finding how best to cater to the needs of its targeted audience, Leaf and Deano decided to offer a matchmaking experience that was also accompanied by a social media platform.

By doing this ARGO is uniquely able to offer a safe haven online in a secure environment. The userface is designed using familiar facets from other social media platforms, along with some other cool features, such as a drag and drop technique for uploading photos directly from your computers hard drive.

ARGOS’ main features include:

•  Instant matchmaking with a percentage scoring system added to thumbnail searches.

•  Social media news feed with comments and liking ability

• Blogging

• Video and photo sharing

• Forums

• Gaming (Premium members only)

Deano said: “What often happens to people from some communities around the globe and here in the UK is that when they find out they have HIV they can not tell their church or mosque, or their families or peers for fear of being disowned or shunned.

“This leaves many people both gay, straight and trans feeling ostracised from society. ARGO aims to give these people a safe place to talk freely without the fear of judgement and gain a new social circle in which to feel empowered to live life.

“The best quote we have had from a customer already is that “just by signing up to the site you don’t have to worry about what people are going to say about you having HIV, which means one obstacle is removed just by simply becoming a member, which makes for an immediate relaxed experience when on the site.”

ARGO has kept their prices deliberately low so that people living in poorer areas of the globe, who often have social stigmas attached to their health status, can not only date, but make friends and feel empowered to live life not feeling isolated.

Once members have paid their joining fee, there are no other hidden costs within the site as Leaf and Deano don’t believe members should have to pay extra to talk to friends and potential dates.

The ARGO team are also in development with internet developers Webace creating iOS and Android apps, video chat and multi-language capabilities, which not only enhance the user experience, but broaden the spectrum of its reach globally.

ARGO is a paid subscription service costing just £3.00 (GBP) per month, or a reduced rate if you purchase a year’s membership for £30.00 (GBP), which unlocks extra benefits for the member.

To view the ARGO website, click here: