Netflix’s LGBTQ+ series EastSiders to premiere December 1

Graham Robson November 12, 2019

Kit Williamson‘s Emmy-nominated LGBTQ+ series, EASTSIDERS, returns to Netflix on December 1 for its fourth and final season.

Since its inception, EASTSIDERS has received critical acclaim, eight Emmy nominations, and has been subtitled in over 30 languages.

Executive Produced by Kit with his husband John Halbach, and made possible via a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $140,000, the fourth season picks up with the Silver Lake gang one year later with new additions to the ensemble: Jake Choi, Hailee Sahar, Tom Lenk, Daniel Newman, Lin Shaye, Bryan Batt, Traci Lords, drag Race royalty Marta Beatchu and Biqtch Puddin, Manila Luzon and Katya Zomoldova, original “Queer Eye” culture guru Jai Rodriguez, and many more,

Catch up on seasons 1-3 here: