Need a lorry for a float on the Pride Parade?

Besi Besemar May 21, 2015

To celebrate the new Parade route in 2015, Brighton Pride have teamed up with Brighton Carriers to facilitate flat-bed lorries in various sizes to make it easier for groups to enter the Parade and design an eye-popping float.

Brighton Pride Parade

TO make things simple and straight forward for groups with limited carnival experience, Pride have put together some basic packages that can take the stress out of organising a float.

For a basic fee you will get the lorry, driver (and insurance), scaffolding, banners along the two sides, full height across the back and on the front beneath the windscreen.

Banners can be co-branded with your groups’s identity alongside Pride’s or can carry a supporting message and branding and colouring of your choice, and these banners are yours to keep and re-use.

For an additional fee Pride will decorate your float with 12 large flags, a fringed pelmet, central screen and fabric covered scaffold poles, you just need to then arrange your team in matching t-shirts or costumes to give it that final popping splash of colour.

If you are feeling more adventurous but are not sure how to go about it, Pride can team you up with a designer/artist who will help you turn your vision in to sparkling 3D.

Any organisations, companies or groups wishing to apply for these lorries should email: to discuss their requirements, any support they need to produce their entry and of course the costs.