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Naked riders celebrate ten years of good clean city-cycling fun

Gary Hart May 30, 2016

Brighton Naked Bike Ride returns to the city’s streets as part of Bike Week on Sunday, June 12 – 10 years since its first reveal.


The annual celebration of low-carbon, planet-friendly living aims to introduce more people to the joys of body-powered transport as part of a cleaner, safer and less oil-dependent future.

The event is part of the World Naked Bike Ride, which will be taking place in over 50 cities around the globe, including more than 15 in the UK (a new Worthing ride will take place on 2 July).

To mark the tenth anniversary of the Brighton ride, organisers will be highlighting ten cycle-friendly improvements the city has seen since 2006:

♦ 20mph speed limits on most streets

♦ New, improved cycle lanes (eg: Old Shoreham Road, Lewes Road)

♦ Better junctions for cycling (eg: Vogue Gyratory, Seven Dials)

♦ Cycle contraflows (eg: North Laine)

♦ Lots more cycle parking on city streets

♦ New cycle parking facilities at rail stations

♦ Advance traffic ‘go’ lights for cyclists

♦ Shared space on New Road

♦ More deliveries by cycle courier

♦ More cycle shops and projects

Participants are also asked to nominate their own favourite cycle-friendly aspects of the city.

Duncan Blinkhorn
Duncan Blinkhorn

Environmental campaigner and joint organiser Duncan Blinkhorn, said: “We should be proud of how far this city has come in becoming more cycle-friendly and less car-dependent. However, the recent diesel emission scandals have revealed the levels of deceit the motor industry is prepared to use to prop up a fundamentally unclean and unsafe business. Cycling continues to offer a low-impact transport solution for the future. We look forward to further progress, including the bicycle sharing scheme due to be rolled out over the next few years. In the meantime we invite everyone to join us on the ride – as bare as they dare – to celebrate the freedom, friendliness and good clean fun of getting around by bike.”

Up to 1,000 riders are expected to assemble at The Level, Union Road, central Brighton on Sunday, June 12, 2016, at 12 noon.

Participants will decorate their bikes and bodies with environmental messages and the procession – accompanied by a fleet of sound systems -will head off at 1.30pm toward the Royal Pavilion and Brighton Pier, passing west along the seafront, back through the Lanes, North Laine and Kemptown, before finishing at Black Rock naturist beach.

Participation is free, family-friendly and ‘as bare as you dare’. Some riders will strip off completely, while others will choose to ride in skimpy costumes or colourful body paint.

To find out more about the event, the after party and how to take part, click here: