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Munroe Bergdorf makes unequivocal statement of inclusivity for Black History Month

October 3, 2019

British model and activist Munroe Bergdorf, a familiar face on international runways and at  New York fashion week, has made a unequivocal statement of inclusivity for Black History Month. She encourages people to include, read and share “all black stories, including the contributions of black British LGBTQIA figures”.

Bergdorf ‘s statement says “Be intersectional! Black people are not a monolith. We can’t speak about race without recognising class, ability, gender, sexuality, education, nationality, religion/faith, skin tone.

Colorism is real. Amplify the voices and perspectives of dark skin black women especially, as theirs are so often overlooked by the mainstream. If you are hosting a panel talk or event, make sure that panel/event lineup is diverse and reflective of the diaspora as possible.

Respect black sex workers, who are on the front lines and need access to feminism, safe spaces and services more than anyone. Media and big brands – PAY YOUR BLACK CONTRIBUTORS. Do not expect us to work for you for free during a month designed to empower and educate. This is a chance to create opportunities for the black community on your side to tell our stories.”

Finally, share stories of #blackgirlmagic, #blackboyjoy and black non-binary excellence. Our community is full of groundbreaking, talented, innovative changemakers who deserve the spotlight.”

You can read all of the statements on her twitter feed.  

Bergdorf rose to public prominence when she was appointed as the first Trans model for L’Oréal in 2017. In June 2019, Bergdorf was stripped of her role as an ambassador for Childline two days after being appointed, following anti-trans targeted social media campaigns. Several days later, the NSPCC offered Bergdorf a ‘full, frank and unreserved apology’ for the way in which it had handled her dismissal.

In July 2019, Bergdorf was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Brighton in recognition of her campaigning for transgender rights

Watch Munroe Bergdorf speak about receiving her honorary degree.