More one to one support for new parents in Brighton Kemptown

Besi Besemar April 15, 2013

Simon Kirby, MP
Simon Kirby, MP

More disadvantaged new parents in Brighton Kemptown will benefit in the future from one to one help and support from a specialist nurse.

Around 11,000 families are already benefitting from personalised support from family nurses and the Government will extend this to a further 16,000 of the most disadvantaged parents by 2015. This follows initial research showing support from family nurses helped boost mothers’ self-esteem and their ability to return to education and employment when their children are old enough for them to do so.

Simon Kirby, MP for Brighton Kemptown, said:

Parents across my constituency could benefit from this extra support. Family nurses do a great job helping new parents give their children the kind of start in life they need to succeed. This announcement again shows our commitment to helping people who do the right thing and want to get on in life.”