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Mississippi bill could ban trans youth healthcare

Rachel Badham January 15, 2021

Angela Burks Hill

Republican senator Angela Burks Hill has filed a bill, with support of other Republican lawmakers in Mississippi, US, which could prevent trans youth from accessing all transition related healthcare. Named ‘Transgender 21 Act’, the bill aims to prevent people from under 21 access puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and transitional related surgery. 

Hill, who is known for her track record of endorsing anti-LGBTQ+ policies such as regulations which would exclude trans people from sports, claimed the bill is designed to “protect” minors. She argued trans youth are “unable to fully appreciate the risks and life implications that result from the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgical procedures”.

Similar legislation was recently passed in the UK, with a new ruling from the British high court meaning trans people under 16 will require legal approval before accessing puberty blockers. Many health professionals and parents of trans youth are concerned about the impact this will have on young people, with one parent saying: “Without access to blockers I don’t think she [her 13-year-old trans daughter] will make it through the next few years.”

LGBTQ+ social media users also condemned the court ruling and argued it will have a negative impact on the wellbeing of trans youth. One Twitter user wrote: “The entire point of puberty blockers is to delay puberty so that a child isn’t forced to make serious decisions about irreversible changes they may not be equipped to deal with, and buy time to weigh the consequences.”  A tweet reading: “Retweet if you’re a trans adult whose life would have been improved by access to puberty blockers as a teen” was retweeted over 2,700 times.