McKELLEN supports LGBT film to tackle homophobia in football

Besi Besemar October 16, 2014

Sir Ian McKellen is supporting a Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds towards the production budget of a new film called WONDERKID.

Sir Ian McKellen and Rhys Chapman
Sir Ian McKellen and Rhys Chapman

HE APPEARS in the promotional video for the project which is also being supported by the The Kevin Spacey Foundation and LGBT anti-violence and hate crime charity Galop.

WONDERKID, is an LGBT short film directed by Rhys ChapmanĀ that wants to tackle homophobia in football, provide an insight into the trauma caused by homophobic stigma and challenge preconceptions about what it is to be ā€˜masculineā€™.

TheĀ film is the ideal format to start addressing the very common issues of homophobia in society with the scope to reach a wide and varied audience.

It’s a great time for LGBT cinema at the moment, with the recent release of Pathe’s Pride and rise in LGBT Film Festivals as well as generally a more widespread awareness of LGBT issues, particularly recognisable in the recent Stonewall #Rainbowlaces campaign.

WONDERKID through their collaboration with LGBT anti violence and hate charity Galop, plan to screen the film in schools and talk to young people who may have or may come to experience these issues.

The director Rhys Chapman is actively working with anti-homophobia charities and marched this year at both London Gay Pride with the Gay Gooners and Brighton Pride. He began his film career whilst he was studying Arts Management at University alongside his part time job at Office. Throughout the course, Rhys worked with LAW magazine which gave him the chance to start directing and editing films. After graduating the London Southbank University in Arts Management, he began work with her Films, a small production company based in Soho where he began making music videos and commercials for brands such as Sony and as well as record labels; Southern Fried Records, Eton Messy Music and Freestyle Records.

To donate to the Kickstarter Campaign, CLICK HERE: