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Marlets Hospice calls on volunteers to donate their time

Gary Hart June 1, 2016

Martlets Hospice in Hove, calls on people from Brighton and Hove to make a real difference to the lives of local families by donating their time.


Volunteers’ Week, which runs from June 1-12, highlights the importance to the UK of over 21 million people who help charities every year.

Over 500 volunteers play an essential part in the smooth running of Martlets and its shops. They are the caring face at the reception desk, the person who supplies the essential cups of tea, people who do important administrative work, gardeners who keep the grounds beautiful, visitors to patients in the community and much more.

Marten Kail, who works in the Hospice’s London Road shop, said: “I guess my reason for volunteering for Martlets is no different to many people; I had a close friend with cancer who was cared for by the Hospice. I visited her on the day she died and saw how she was treated by the team with such respect and dignity; I’ve never forgotten the way that she was looked after. 

“So I decided to give something back to the Hospice.   I have to say that it really is the highlight of my week, it’s so nice to do something different with my time; in fact it’s a breath of fresh air. 

“I do everything from making the tea, lugging furniture around, odd bits of DIY, serving customers and pricing clothes. You name it, I do it! 

“It’s quite astounding how many of our customers have a link or connection to the Hospice and it’s a real privilege to hear their stories. 

“It makes you realise just how many lives Martlets touches.” 

Emma Seymour
Emma Seymour

Emma Seymour, head of Volunteering explained: “I want to thank each and every one of our wonderful Volunteers, they are the backbone of our work at the Hospice.

“Nationally, volunteers contribute an estimated £23.9bn to the UK economy; they really are the unsung heroes of our communities and Volunteers’ Week is all about telling everyone how much we value them.

“We’re always looking for volunteers; your life experience, skills and knowledge are absolutely vital to us.  

“There are many different ways that you can support the Hospice by giving a little time; whether it’s a few hours or a day each week or perhaps helping out with a specific project.  

“You’ll make a real difference to people’s lives, learn new skills, have fun and make new friends.  It’s a very rewarding way to spend your free time.”

For more information on volunteering for Martlets telephone 01273 273400 or email

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