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Make a donation and help Turkish Pride in 2017

Besi Besemar December 24, 2016

This summer, despite Pride in Istanbul being banned, LGBT+ Turks marched anyway and were met with tear gas, rubber bullets, and water cannons.

All Out campaigning website needs 3,000 people to donate before midnight on December 31 to help cover costs to campaign for love and equality in Turkey and around the world next year.

Görkem Ulumeriç an organiser for Istanbul Pride said: “My friends and I were traumatised. Some were physically wounded or scared for their lives.

“Then something beautiful happened. In a show of solidarity for us here in Istanbul, All Out members of the All Out Campaigning website from all around the world threw the world’s biggest virtual Pride flag wave around us.

“It inspired us to keep fighting. It gave us strength and dignity. But the government continues its crackdown and hate groups keep attacking LGBT+ people. As we head into next year, it’s clear we need a global movement.

“Please support the campaign by All Out.Donate today so All Out can continue to mobilise global campaigns with activists like me in 2017.”

Many LGBT+ people in Turkey live in constant fear. In August, Hande Kader, a transgender activist, was brutally murdered in Istanbul. In November, Levent Piskin, a famous LGBT activist and lawyer, was arrested.

Görkem continued: “I’m afraid that bigoted politicians and hate groups here will only feel justified and empowered by the rise of anti-LGBT+ politicians in the U.S. and Europe.

“That’s why it’s so critical that All Out has enough funding to continue to work with activists like me next year. When All Out mobilises their huge global membership, it can make an incredible difference in our fights on the ground.

“Can you chip in before midnight on December 31 so our vital work together can continue in 2017?

I’m not giving up and I hope you aren’t either. The solidarity of people like you gives me hope that love can win here in Istanbul.”

To make a donation to the All Out campaign, click here: