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Lunch Positive volunteer receives Rotary Club Citizens Award

Besi Besemar January 26, 2018

Lord¬†Lieutenant of East Sussex presents Rotary Club of Brighton’s Citizens Awards to volunteers who have made an outstanding contribution to the community, at a presentation event on December 20, 2017.

Mark Lindsey Jones (left) and Gary Pargeter, Lunch Positive Service Manager
Mark Lindsey Jones (left) and Gary Pargeter, Lunch Positive Service Manager

Mark Lindsey Jones a volunteer chef at Lunch Positive, the HIV Lunch Club received an award for his contribution to the work of the HIV charity.

The lunch club is delivered by volunteers, and brings people with HIV together to share a regular healthy meal, build supportive friendships, and combat the HIV stigma that still exists for many.

Mark has volunteered as a chef at Lunch Positive for the last two and a half years.

Gary Pargeter, Lunch Positive Service Manager, said: “Mark is enthusiastic, a great team player, cares passionately about the food that he and the kitchen volunteer team provide, and the people who share this at the lunch club.

“He produces amazing healthy and enjoyable food, all on a shoe-string budget and he feeds between 40 to 60 people every Friday. This has also greatly enhanced the social support at the lunch club.

“Mark truly is a great example of someone who fully immerses themselves in a cause they care passionately about, and this has had a huge and positive impact on many people, members and volunteers alike.”

Mark, added:¬†“I‚Äôm overjoyed to receive this award. Volunteering at Lunch Positive is like being part of a happy family, and something I care deeply about. Fridays at Lunch Positive are so important to me. There‚Äôs nothing better than banging a few pots together, getting out some good food and feeding people! Thank you everyone for supporting me in getting this award, it means the world.”