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Lunch Positive Supper Group

Besi Besemar March 23, 2019

In addition to the weekly HIV lunch club each Friday, Lunch Positive runs a regular eveningĀ  supper group for people with HIV who are over 50.

THE supper group is funded by the Rainbow Find to pilot for 12 months runs every 6-8
weeks. Progress has been very successful with each session reaching existing and many new members, all of whom have remarked on the food, peer-support, welcome and friendliness of the group.

An average of 36 people have attended each session commentingĀ enthusiastically about the project filling a much-needed gap in what’s on offer locally.

Supper group sessions are put together by the Lunch Positive volunteer team, and supported by a
trustee of the charity.

In addition to the enjoyable social opportunity, the next session on April 16 will also provide an opportunity for group members to feedback and influence on how the project develops, and
to start discussing any other support that the project could provide for people as they age with HIV.

Richard Jeneway
Richard Jeneway

Lunch Positive Trustee Richard Jeneway says: “The supper group was one of the ideas on the wish list from the Lunch Positive focus group and service evaluation in Spring 2018. Since November 2018 we have now provided three events with some great levels of attendance.

“It is important to say from the outset that none of this could have taken place without the hard work, passion and dedication of lead volunteer Tony, and volunteers in the kitchen and front of house who have been truly inspirational.

“As a service user and Trustee I feel privileged to be connected on a personal level with this new and much-needed event.

“The HIV community in Brighton has a high level of people aged 50 and over. According to statistics provided by the Lawson unit over 48 per cent of patients with HIV are aged 50 and over, and this will continue to grow.

In addition to the very successful weekly lunch club we hope that the community support we provide will continue to develop with this additional service.

We are always reaching out to meet new people and welcome them to our service, so if you or someone you know might like to come along then please do get in touch by emailing

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