Lunch Positive plans to run a Sunday Lunch

Besi Besemar October 5, 2014

Lunch Positive, the volunteer-led charity that provides a weekly Friday HIV lunch club also plans to pilot a Sunday Lunch on the first Sunday of every month, and wants to hear from people who would like to use the service, or to volunteer.

Lunch Positive

THE IDEA for the Sunday lunch came from existing lunch club members, and other people with HIV who would benefit from being with their peers but can’t come along on Fridays.

Anyone with HIV is welcome, and the emphasis is on spending time together, sharing an enjoyable meal, and feeling part of a community.


Gary Pargeter
Gary Pargeter

Gary Pargeter, Volunteer Project Manager, said:We know from our Friday lunches that people get a lot from spending time together, sharing a meal, and being supportive of each other. In addition to our regular Fridays, our new Sunday lunch is a way to reach out to more people that want to be with our peers and part of a community.

“We’re running the Sunday Lunch on the first Sunday of each month, and hope to start on November 2nd. The cost of lunch will be £3 and help cover the cost of  food we need to buy. As always, we’ll help people in financial difficulty who might struggle with the cost.

“Right now we’d like to hear from people who want to come along, and those who’d like to help on the day. We’ll be keeping in touch with people who contact us and will be posting news of what’s happening on our website. We hope that if you’re HIV+ you’ll join us for good food, friendship and community.”

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