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London celebrates inaugural Trans Pride

Emma Rylands September 15, 2019

Emma Rylands
Emma Rylands

The first ever National Trans Pride took place in London yesterday (Sept 14). It was a combined protest and celebration that enabled participants to walk the streets of London with no fear.

PEOPLE gathered at Wellington Arch and marched along Piccadilly, all the way to Soho Square. The roads were closed off and even though police presence was visible, it blended with the crowds in a non invasive way.

Due to protests from TERDs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Discriminators) at London Pride 2018 and Manchester Pride 2019, the route was not published in advance, and no such incidents were reported.

It was a glorious sunny day in London and the air was filled with love and hope for the future. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming and I was so proud to march along with my trans and non binary siblings, and all the cis allies who came to show their support.

Reports estimate that there were about 1500 participants but while marching and being cheered on by the crowds and London commuters, to me it felt like every single person in London was taking part.

The people were chanting about equality and acceptance which unfortunately are not a given for the trans community. Recent reports suggest that transphobic hate crimes are on the rise.

The number of transgender hate crimes recorded by police forces in England, Scotland and Wales has risen by 81% and the trans community is constantly featured in the news as a debatable subject.

It is astonishing and shameful that in 2019, there are people continuously discussing and arguing the existence and rights of the trans community in the media.

Some people ask why there is even a separate Trans Pride when there’s Pride once a year.

Annual prides around the world celebrate how far our communities have come to being equal. Trans prides are still fighting and protesting for equality and everything that others already achieved and now take for granted.

Brighton Trans Pride recently celebrate it’s seventh birthday with ever growing numbers. London Trans Pride has only just started but I am certain that, like Trans Pride Brighton, every year it will get bigger and better.

The crowds continued to march through Soho ending up in Soho square were prominent Trans, Non Binary and Queer activists spoke about the struggles and the future hope for the community.

I hope that things will get better. Transphobic abuse and hate crimes need to be reduced now. NHS waiting times need to decrease now. Positive visibility of the Trans Community has to increase now. Equality has to be available for all.

If you were not at Trans Pride London, you don’t have to wait until next year to fight for equality. We can do this on a daily basis by showing love, respect and acceptance to our siblings. Listen to one another and support those in need.

Trans Rights Are Human Rights.

Trans Lives Matter.

Soho Square
Soho Square

Photographs by Eric Page