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London Assembly to improve engagement with non-binary, intersex and transgender people.

Gary Hart September 26, 2016

London Assembly Green Member Sian Berry has welcomed a commitment from City Hall to make their public engagement procedures more inclusive for non-binary, intersex and transgender people.

Sian Berry
Sian Berry

In a response to a question from Sian about why the recent City Hall clean air consultation only included male and female gender options, the Mayor of London committed City Hall to reviewing the wording of the gender question when collecting data from Londoners, and promised that City Hall would change its wording ‘shortly.’

The response also noted that the Office for National Statistics will test new wording on its own gender question next year, ahead of including it on the 2021 Census, but that City Hall would review their wording ahead of this.

 Sian said: “It’s great that the Mayor has responded positively to making gender questions more inclusive. This follows his previous commitment to support my proposal to phase in ‘gender-blind’ processes for recruitment across the whole Greater London Authority and to allow the inclusion of gender-neutral titles.”  

“People shouldn’t have to choose between male and female when giving their personal details to public bodies. I want everyone in society to be able to engage with City Hall’s work, so this is a positive step.”