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Live Ghost Hunt Brighton – Spooky!

Gary Hart September 3, 2016

Join mediums Ami Angel Morris, Sascha Cooper and metaphysical examiner Adrian J Andrews for an experience you are unlikely to ever forget at a time of the year when the veil between the spirit world and our own is at its thinnest.


You are invited  to be a part of a Live Ghost Hunt in one of the most haunted locations in Brighton, the second most haunted city in the country.

The audience participation event, hosted by Taigo Santana and filmed as a ‘Special’ for the web series DEAD but NOT FORGOTTEN will take place at The Synergy Centre,¬†“one of the spookiest place in Brighton” and formerly know as Tru Nightclub and Creation, home to the legendary Wild Fruit club nights for twenty years.


Event: Live Ghost Hunt Brighton

Where: The Synergy Centre, 78 West Street, Brighton

When: Thursday, September 29, 2016

Time: 8pm to midnight

Price: £25

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