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LGBTQ+ activists detained in Singapore

Rachel Badham January 28, 2021

A Pride parade in Singapore

Three LGBTQ+ activists have been detained by police in Singapore after attending a small demonstration protesting the government’s mistreatment of a transgender student. Five people protested outside the country’s education ministry on Tuesday January 26, following claims that the ministry had blocked a transgender student from receiving hormone therapy. 

The group were protesting outside the national ministry of education

According to Inquirer News, the city has strict laws regarding protests, so the activists were arrested for taking part in a public assembly without a permit after ignoring warnings to disband. They have been released on bail but police are continuing investigations. Averyn Thng, a 23-year-old activist who took part in the protest but was not arrested, said the mistreatment of LGBTQ+ school students is common in Singapore: “LGBTQ+ students in school aren’t treated well. The government doesn’t see us as important enough to be protected.” 

Singapore’s LGBTQ+ citizens currently have no legal protections from discrimination, and same-sex marriage is still criminalised. The country is also known for its ban on same-sex male relations which dates back to 1938, with three activists currently campaigning for its repeal on the basis it is unconstitutional.