LGBTory urges you to act now!

Besi Besemar December 17, 2012

Matthew Sephton

Following the announcement on equal marriage, LGBTory, the Conservative Party’s affiliated LGBT group have launched an online tool to make it easier for people to lobby their Member of Parliament.

Earlier this year, LGBTory Chairman, Matthew Sephton, urged people not to be complacent and to write to their representatives to request they support the legalisation on same-sex marriage.

At the time, he pointed out that the anti-equal marriage campaign was extremely vocal in their opposition and mobilising letter-writing campaigns to Parliamentarians, particularly through religious groups, against same-sex marriage.

While Matthew says he is “delighted” with the Equalities Minister, Maria Miller’s statement he says it is more important than ever that you lobby your MP to ensure as many people as possible support the legislation for equal marriage and counter the opposition from the far right and religious groups.

 Matthew said:

“The government’s proposals are a fantastic step forward in LGBT equality, but we must ensure they get as much support as possible in Parliament, across the Parties.  The fact is there are MPs on all sides of the House who have differing opinions on equal marriage.  We must therefore leave them in no doubt, as opinion polls have consistently shown, that this is a measure supported by a big majority of the public and so we have made this as easy as possible for people to do.”

 He continued:

“To help you write to your MP we have setup a simple email system on our website. Once you enter your postcode you will be taken to a page that tells you which way we believe your MP intends to vote. You then have an opportunity to compose a short email to them giving your view. We’ve added some notes we hope are helpful, but your email will have the most impact in your own words.  The final push is here so let each of us play our part in making history for LGBT people in Britain.”

Click here to email your MP: