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LGBT Switchboard appoint new CEO

Besi Besemar March 1, 2017

Daniel Cheesman
Daniel Cheesman

LGBT Switchboard have recruited a new CEO who will start work at the organisation on March 20.

Daniel Cheesman is presently Director of Brighton, Hove & District Samaritans and has extensive experience of working in the voluntary sector.

Daniel said: “I am excited to be joining Brighton and Hove LGBT Switchboard and look forward to leading the organisation through the next phase of its life.  Having worked and volunteered in both the charity and statutory sector I know that this is a challenging time for organisations such as Switchboard, with decreasing public funding but an increasing need for services. 

It is not all doom and gloom though as I believe that it is also a time of great opportunity and a chance for the organisation to focus its offer and connect with the LGBT+ community to deliver a service that responds to the needs that the community and individuals within it have.  As a gay man myself living in Brighton and Hove, and someone who used the Switchboard when coming out, I am passionate about ensuring that we continue to keep on listening, supporting and connecting LGBT+ people.”  

LGBT Switchboard’s Chair, Dermot Scully, said: “We are delighted that Daniel is joining us as CEO of Brighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard.  Daniel brings us a wealth of experience, from working in both the public and voluntary sectors, including extensive experience of managing helplines from his time at Samaritans. He already has links to the community and is well liked and respected throughout the networks.  We have a proud history of serving our community for more than 40 years and we aim to continue to support the LGBT+ community in Brighton and Hove through our various services and projects; the Board is excited about the future direction of Switchboard. Following the departure of our long-standing CEO Natalie Woods last year we are thrilled to see Daniel joining us and leading us to our next phase.”