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LGBT+ people needed to help with research on housing benefit cuts

Besi Besemar March 18, 2017

Dr Iliana Ortega-Alc√°zar
Dr Iliana Ortega-Alc√°zar

University of Southampton researcher looks at the impact of cuts to housing benefit in the private rental sector on LGBT+ people.

Dr Iliana Ortega-Alcázar, Research Fellow in Geography and Environment at the University of Southampton is focussing on the Shared Accommodation Rate, a policy that affects single people between 18 to 35.

Since 2012 single people under 35 can only claim housing benefit at the rate of a room in a shared house as opposed to the rate of a self-contained property.

The project is seeking to understand the effects this policy change has had on ‚Äėprotected groups‚Äô as defined under the 2010 Equalities Act (women, ethnic minorities, LGBT+ people, and people with disabilities).

The researchers are presently conducting in-depth interviews to assess the impact this policy has had on their daily lives and their ability to access safe and secure accommodation.

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